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Brian Anderson, REALTOR®, Bialik Real Estate

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My name is Brian Anderson. I was born and raised in Grand Rapids and have never strayed from West Michigan so I am well acquainted with the area. The housing market has always been a passion of mine. With my years of being in customer service oriented fields, I have crafted a service model that includes treating you with respect, punctuality, mutual trust, and providing helpful guidance like a “big brother”.

I have been in residential construction for a number of years and still hold my residential builders license. Now, as residential real estate agent, I am excited to bring my years of experience to the already impressive team at Bialik Real Estate! Between the new builds and remodels that I have been a part of, there aren’t too many things that I haven’t come across in the realm of housing. I am ready provide you with the answers to your questions and assist you in making the best and most informed decision when it comes your search for a new home or selling your current one.

Brian Anderson Realtor, Bialik Real EstateCLIENT TESTIMONIALS

“My wife was matched in Grand Rapids to begin her plastic surgery residency in March, and she started in June, this gave us a little over a month to find a house, being in Wisconsin, this made the task that much harder. Brian Anderson was our proverbial Superman and was the reason we were able to find a house so quickly. Using his past experiences of building homes, he was able to point out sub-par materials, or where contractors were cutting corners. You can tell Brian cares about his clients that he works with, multiple times we were receiving texts at 11-12PM making it early morning hours in Michigan, with updates on new listings or houses we were interested in. Having a unique situation, Brian was willing to FaceTime with us while he walked houses we were interested in, or to even climb up on the roof to inspect the condition. I can’t recommend Brian and the team at Bialik enough, they not only treat you with respect and kindness but also as family. Multiple times I had to remind myself Brian wasn’t my long lost older brother. Do not hesitate contacting Brian or anybody else at Bialik; you will not be disappointed!”

+ Justin BUYER