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Patrick Lipzinski, REALTOR®, Bialik Real Estate

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As a Realtor who works with Bialik Real Estate I aim to help people get the best outcome and experience possible when selling or buying property. Being able to connect with people, to be a smile on a bad day, and to be a person that is in your corner, has always set me apart. This is my goal and plan of attack in the Real Estate world.

Experience in the construction industry, has provided knowledge and an understanding regarding the structural and aesthetic value of homes. This experience coupled with being present during the construction of homes, ranging from beautiful middle priced construction, to very high end architecture does provide an invaluable insight. Placing clients into their dream home, and helping sellers capitalize on their investment.

Mastering these skills and learning to take care of every detail has forged an undying drive to be a very hardworking individual; with a focus on getting the desired results in the most efficient way possible.
A voice for you in Real Estate – Your dreams, your vision, and your goals, turn into Memories, Realities, and Achievements.

Patrick Lipzinski, REALTOR®, Bialik Real Estate